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The ACADEMY OF CLINICAL INTELLIGENCE (ACI) has been instituted to cater to the growing demand for ‘trained service oriented professionals', essentially addressing the gaps that exists between what an educational institution teaches and what an organization requires.

Company Profile

Academy of Clinical Intelligence has pioneered the delivery of professional and personal development trainings, brought together healthcare graduates and professionals wanting to work and the industries wanting the skilled workforce.

ACI is one of the most successful training centers in the nation for technical job training and a place where the professional development is the focus.

ACI is one of its kinds Training Company exclusively concentrating on enhancing the employability skills of job seekers and fresh graduates. These programs give them the 'edge' over others by providing technical skills training for:

At our Academy, we have what it takes to be a centre of excellence in learning. Our objective to emerge as the undisputed choice for technical trainings in healthcare sector.

All ACI trainings are inspired by a great quote from Benjamin Franklin:

“Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn”

A key part of ACI trainings are the actual job exposure involving the participants in real-life activities and exercises where they can actually try out the skills being taught.